From Concept to Reality

    As an architect, it is my job to integrate your ideas into the design. I know that it is YOUR project, not mine, and I will do my best to help you achieve your architectural dream.

Visualization Tools

    Clients usually are not trained to visualize architectural space.  I can give you computer generated views from any location. Exterior and interior renderings are easily generated. Animated walk-throughs and solar studies can be prepared. Material choices are easily changed for comparison and evaluation. See the “TOOLS” heading for examples.

    I have been using 3d software since 1995 to help my clients visualize their projects. Other designers and architects have hired me to develop renderings and animations for their clients. Imagine walking around your building now, before it is built. Save time and money. Prevent costly changes by studying a virtual model before construction documents  and construction begin.


    I have over 30 years of design and construction document experience. Unlike most architects, during my apprenticeship I worked for a design-build firm and not only drew construction documents, I was in the field supervising construction! I understand in a practical way, not just academic, how buildings are put together.



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